What is an “epub” file??

An epub3 file is a standard file used to create electronic publications. While typically an epub is a book, it could be other publications such as magazines. This standard has been around for quite some time and is widely supported. In fact, outside of the Kindle (more on that below), it is supported by any reasonably recent major ebook reader. This means that you can purchase an epub file and load it into your Nook or Sony e-reader. Or most likely whatever reader you might happen to have. 

The Amazon Kindle product (including both hardware and software e-reader) does not support epub. I do not know why. The epub3 standard is an open standard that outside of the Kindle has a wide range of support. Regardless you CAN NOT buy the epub of I Am Not Your ATM and email it to your Kindle or use the Send to Kindle program to upload it.*** The ebook WILL be available in the Amazon Kindle store so you buy it through Amazon and have it downloaded to your Kindle.

We can not offer instructions on every reader out there — there are a LOT!! If you need help google something like “how do i load epub file into ** your reader here** ” and more than likely someone has very nicely done instructions on how to load an epub file into your reader. If you can’t get it to work send us an email at support@rachelmurphycoaching.com and let us know. We should be able to help you get it working. If you can not get it to work we will refund your money.

*** Technically you can buy the epub and convert it (using one of several different programs) to the proprietary Amazon format and then send it to your Kindle. I am perfectly fine with users doing that (it’s their book once they have purchases it!!) but it is not a beginner-level task. If you have concerns about it just purchase the book through the Kindle store.

I Am Not Your ATM

A Practical Plan for Teaching Your Teen to Manage Money

In I Am Not Your ATM: A Practical Plan for Teaching Your Teen to Manage Money, you gain the know-how and confidence to teach your teen how to handle money even if no one taught you. In this book you will learn:


  • Why your past money mistakes don’t determine your future
  • How to change the way you view money
  • Why average is a scary place to be
  • How to instill confidence in your teen
  • How to teach your teen about money in a hands-on way
  • How to eliminate the arguments and stress around money


The teenage years are such a transformational time. These years can be a great opportunity to teach your teen money skills. Instead of money being a point of contention and stress like it is for many parents and teens, you can become a team working together to help your teen build a strong foundation for the future. In the process, you can create a bond with your children that can last a lifetime!

Buy the Book

Take the first step towards helping your teen build a strong financial foundation.

Follow the Plan

Save yourself time and follow the path that has already been navigated for you.

Change the Future

Learning skills leads to confidence.  The more  your teen practices money skills, the stronger their foundation will be.